Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hand Quilting

I have been working on quilting my big quilt.
Thee is an awful lot of white.
I finally decided to quilt it so it would replicate the pattern on both sides.
I mark it with masking tape.

I have learned to mark small amounts at a time.
It is going to work.

Have a happy day.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Caught Up

My daughter and her husband came for a surprise visit last weekend.
I didn't get any sewing done,
but I did pick out fabric for the houses.

So yesterday, I was piecing them together
and I realized that they were speaking to me.

The pink house:  The house my granddaughters live in.
The cherry house:  our time in the lovely Linden California

House with flowers on the roof:  my flower garden
Yellow house:  It looks just like the farm house we lived in in Linden.
The Gray house:  well it didn't speak to me, but I still like it.

I even got caught up yesterday.
I made the spools. 
They were kind of fun.
By far the simplest row in the book.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Scrappy Happy

I love scrappy quilts.
I guess my definition of scrappy
is a quilt that I made out of my stash.

That being said,
I got this basted yesterday.
It qualifies as scrappy under my definition.

I found this backing from
Connecting Threads.
I love it and it couldn't be more perfect.

I finished this scrappy quilt earlier this week.

 I love it.
I must admit that
while I was making it,
I didn't know if it was going to work.

And to be honest,
I just couldn't see it.

But it does work and I have already used it.

That being said,
I didn't get a row of my new scrappy quilt done this week.
I'm hoping to get one done tomorrow.

Because Labor Day, 
should be used for a labor of love.

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