Sunday, May 29, 2016

Finished in the nick of time

With more than a week to spare,
I finished this quilt for my daughter.

I bought a grey bed skirt and
I think it will work nicely.

I went shopping with a friend of mine.
She is a hoot to hang out with.
I got this for a baby quilt I need to get made up.

And you have probably  already seen this cute fabric,
but it takes me a while.
I thought it would be adorable,
but I think I need another one.

Salli at Salli's Back Porch Fabric in Shoshone Idaho always gives a little gift.
Aren't these scissors the best?

Seriously, I love them.

Schools out, so is the sun,
and I really want to get this quilt ready to hand quilt.

A good goal for this week.  

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Almost there

I'm almost done with my big purple and grey quilt.

I have the binding on and it should be done soon.

We had a bridal shower this week for my daughter.
Her friend is amazingly talented and
created a lovely event.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


I have a a friend in my quilt group who recently retired from teaching.
She always made her parent volunteers a quilt.
She has been after me to do the same.

Well, I decided on a table toppers.
I made these Dresden Plates.
I have two grandmas who come in and help me.
I think they will like this.

Speaking of grandmas.
My daughters friend asked me to come to her grandmas estate sale.
She said there was a lot of fabric.

Oh me oh my!
She was not exaggerating.
Not only was there fabric, but there were quilt tops, doll cloths, 
quilt kits, books, yarn, completed embroidery, embroidery kits,
lace, and oh, so much more.

The remarks I heard from her family as well as other shoppers were kinda funny.

"Wow, she must have liked to quilt"
"Well, she liked to start a quilt"

"Look at all the fabric"

"Is this normal?"

"Do you want a box for that?"

"Are you sure you don't want to keep this in your family?"

I was blown away.  So much stuff.
I kept thinking,  I don't want this to be me someday.

Did I bring something home?
You bet.

I found some fabrics that my friend Dixie can use to make baby quilts for 
her never ending list of great grand children.

I picked up red fabric.
I never have enough red fabric.

And I picked up the embordery.
I have a quilt pattern that uses embordery.
It would make a nice quilt for my daughters friend
and there is enough for one for me.

And the last thing I brought home:
a firm conviction to make it, 
finish it,
 give it away,
sell it, or use it.

People love to get a homemade gift.
But people don't want to go through piles, boxes and years of UFO's.

Having said that, I couldn't help but think what a lovely life this women has had.
Get up every morning and SEW!

Sunday, May 8, 2016


I have been busy.
We had the grandsons with us for a week.
I have no idea how I got anything done when my kids were little.
I got absolutely nothing done while they were here.
And might I add that I completely enjoyed every minute of it.

I did get another bridesmaid skirt finished.
We are making skirts.
They get to pick out tops.

They are easy, easy, easy.

I love this elastic waistband made by Dritz.
It is so easy to work with.

Two more to go.

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