Sunday, August 21, 2016

A van load of goodies

My nephew said told me he had some magazines for me.
Come on over and pick them up.

So I get there and he had a few other goodies for me.

First question, 
We have an off brand sewing machine that gets bunched up, can we fix it?
Sure, it probably needs a good cleaning is all.

Next question.
This was my wife's grandmas. 
It has a 1969 Singer in it.
Will you take it home?
For the record, I didn't want to bring it home,
but I have a sewing machine cabinet with a 1960'ish machine in it, that needs a cord.
It is a beautiful cabinet, so we could sell it, I guess...
Yes, I will take it home.

My wife's grandpa, made this sewing draw set,
Do you want it?
Yes, put it in the back of the van.

Can't wait to clean it up, I know exactly where it will go.

And yes, I remembered the magazines.

I have been kinda busy getting ready for school to start tomorrow, 
but I really wanted to make my row of leaves.
Between you and me, 
I think they look like Christmas ornaments.
But I was happy with them.

Check out the stem.
It was 3/4 of inch,
Take off a 1/4 of inch on each side for seam allowance and
you have a teeny, tiny 1/4 inch stem.

Hope you have a great week.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

County Fair.

It is county fair time.
I was happy that this quilt was a winner,
but they had it hung so no one could  possibly 
imagine how it really looks.

I enjoyed working on my row of hot chocolate mugs this week.
I am really enjoying the process of putting this together.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

So good to be home

I woke up Monday morning and thought to myself:
I have to go back to work in 2 weeks,
I need to get some sewing done.

I put this cute quilt together.
There should be another one just like it,
and I am hoping to work on it this week.

Now, on to my Lori Holt project. 
I looked at these directions and thought, really?

I can't help but share
- the short version-

Cut the squares,
mark them
and cut them again.

Sew on the marked lines.

Cut them in half.

Sew on the marked lines.

Cut them in half.

Press them.

And you will have 4 flying geese.  

Way cool.

And then there was yesterday.
I need a baby quilt.
Something to teach people to hand quilt on.
Something to give away.

Partly because I didn't want to leave the house
partly because we don't have a lot of quilt stores around here anymore,
I  made this little quilt from my stash.

It will be easy to quilt.
I'm still not sure about it,
but I will think about it.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cute Projects

One of the reasons I take pictures of my projects 
is because I can't see it until I see a picture of it.

I didn't think I liked these squares until
I looked at these pictures.

They are so much cuter than I thought.

It's my new project.
I should apologize to my children,
who will be receiving a Thanksgiving quilt.

The row I did this week was called, 'chubby chevrons'
Next week is the apples...which are intimidating.

This is my happy place.
I love to have look in this box.
The colors just make me smile.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

New Project

I finished this little quilt
the twin receiving blankets.

I think I will get both projects in the mail this week.
It isn't often that I'm early with the baby presents.

My daughter asked for a new lunch bag...
a little bigger than the last one.

It is a LOT bigger,
but it is what it is!

So I finally got brave.
I picked out fabric for the row by row quilt.
Thank you Lori Holt for making it easier.
This may be fun.

Row 1

Row 2

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Charm Packs

We went to the lake this week to spend some time with our granddaughters.
It was nice, but it is also nice to come home.

I am always drawn to the 5 inch squares.
But what do you do with them?

I found a picture on Pinterest and then started sewing.
Really?  I need to have a plan.

It worked out.

I think I will get it machine quilted this week.