Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

I finally finished my contribution to Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

I plan on making another set.

But I think it will happen when school is out.

I have also been crossing.

Oh, how the crossing becomes an addiction habit.

Sunday, March 31, 2019


We went on a Spring Break trip to Washington DC.

One of our first visits was to the Air and Space Museum in Virginia.

-for the record... totally worth the drive-

They have a Space Shuttle in there and all I could think was 
that it looked like a patch work quilt.

This is under the wings.

Look how the tiles(?) fit together.

I was fascinating.

And this tree and sky combo...
What a beautiful quilt these colors would make.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Just keep Sewing

I needed a quick baby gift.

I have to admit that I love these little bibs.

They go together so fast and they are so darn cute.

I just had to make one for my soon-to-be new grand daughter.

I finished this quilt and gave it away.

This was a hard quilt to give away.

I don't really like it.

It is hand quilted.
And for the record, I swore off hand quilting for a while.

But the embordery in the center of the squares was done by the grandmother
of one of my daughters friends.

I gave it to her.

She sent me the kindest thank you note.

It touched my heart that she understood how special it was.

Sunday, February 17, 2019


I have wished for a snow day this week.

Despite some snow,
there was no snow day.

However, I am planning a sew day tomorrow.
And bonus,
we will have some snow on the ground.

There is just something about sewing on a day when it is just too cold and snowy to hang out outside.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Blue Again

I have been working on this twin size quilt for Sleep in Heavenly Peace.
I have struggled with it.
Not because it was hard,
but because until I had it put together,
I kept thinking that it was ugly.

Sometimes we just shouldn't judge until we see the whole picture.

Because Sleep in Heavenly Peace makes bunk beds,
I need another one.
I think I will use the same pattern, but a different color.
Red? Green? Black? Brown?  
Not sure yet.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

T-shirt quilts!

I finished this quilt.
It was for my daughter.
I love this one,
the fabric is from the dresses I made her 
combined with some t-shirts.

Her husband also was gifted a t-shirt quilt.
Nothing like this but made by an interesting company.
You should check it out.
They did a beautiful job.

Even though we live in Idaho now,
I spent many years living in Yuba City California.

It is not far from Paradise California,
which recently suffered devastating effects from the 
Camp Fire.

This came up on Facebook yesterday and I wanted to encourage anyone who is interested to join in on this challenge.  

Debbie's Quilt Shop was in Paradise, CA. A tree fell thru the roof and there was severe water damage. Let's help her help local quilters ???
Debbie's Quilt Shop is requesting quilt blocks with houses from all over to help local quilters recover from the Camp Fire. The blocks must be 10 1/2 inches (10 inch finished) and may be pieced, appliqu├ęd, or embroidered. Please use good quality 100% cotton quilt shop fabric. Each block must also have something written on it with permanent inspiring saying, your name and city, or just your city and the date. The houses on the blocks may be traditional, modern, or long as the block is 10.5 inches. My shop has not yet moved into its new address so blocks may be sent to my home for now...
Debbie's Quilt Shop
6287 Fremont Dr
Magalia CA 95954
Everyone please share this post, I would like it to go as far as possible...Thank you.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

White Dresses

I made this little dress for my grand daughter.
It was a joy to make and a delight to see her in it.

One more week of school. 
I am looking forward to some quilting over the winter break.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

I finally finished my contribution to Sleep in Heavenly Peace . I plan on making another set. But I think it will happe...