Saturday, June 2, 2012

Verna's Tulips

Quilts were not really a part of my childhood.  My mother was an excellent seamstress and sewed clothing for all of us and herself. 
But let's face it, quilts in the 60's and 70's were not the thing to make.
 We had a quilt that we used to play with, and because I am obsessed with quilts, have thought about that quilt many times in my life.
(I remember how we ruined the quilt)
Well, at Christmas, my brother went through the family slides and made a disk for all of us and look what I found.  

Here is the quilt!  

So, I told my mom I was going to re-create the quilt with 30's reproduction.  She informed me that it was made in the 50's, and it was hand appliqued.
So I will be re-creating it in the loosest form.
I will be machine appliqueing and, after a lot of thought, I am going to use bright colors.  

I have sketched and measured and I think i am ready to go.

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