Thursday, July 10, 2014

Road Trip

We have been on the road, but first,
I finished this beach quilt. 
Love it.

We drove to Canada on I-15.
Driving through Montana is beautiful,
We decided to stop at one quilt store.

Let me tell, you, when we got off the freeway, the signs lead us to a residential area on non- paved roads.
I was not sure what we would find.
But we found PM Quilts
My husband and I both enjoyed visiting with the owners, a husband and wife.
They were so nice and he is passionate about his quilting.
Here is one of his.

I always find inspiration in the colors I see.

Some sights in Banff National Park

I love these rocks, left on the prairie  by a glacier.
And the sky is enchanting.

I love grain elevators.  
No idea why.

And of course I am inspired by my sweet granddaughters.

They are so full of life and love. 

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