Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quilt Show

The Desert Sage Quilters had their quilt show this week.
They only have it every other year, so I look forward to it.

I put in my tulip quilt.

I loved this.
Actually, I still do.

I went with my friends
Marcia and Dixie.
I am truly blessed to have them.
Going with Dixie is like going with a Rock Star.
She has lived here a long time
and has quilted so many beautiful quilts,
that everyone wants to stop and talk with her.

I love these flowers.

Do you really think we had a quilt show in Idaho
with out a cowboy quilt?

I love this little ladybug quilt.

I love going to quilt shows.
 I can hang out with quilters.
They are so friendly and interesting.

Last, but not least,
I finished this quilt.
Miracle of Miracles ! 

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