Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Books

I decided to get a few quilts ready for quilting 
before I went back to school.

This is the one I had to fix.
I can't decide how to quilt it, but when I do,
it is ready.

Today I borrowed my neighbors frames and 
sandwiched two quilts.
I am going to machine quilt this one.

And this one is my new hand quilting project.

So, I saw this quilt in an advertisement in a quilt magazine
and decided that I couldn't live without making it.
I tried to buy the book at the local fabric stores, but struck out.

It came in the mail today and I love it.
I think I will take some time and enjoy making it.
I also think I might just watch these shows, 
because a few of these blocks look a little tricky.

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