Thursday, July 12, 2012

Click-It Bags

Click-It Bag 

2  coordinating  fat quarters

2  four-inch pieces of 3/4" width, metal tape measure, ends trimmed to a curved shape

Matching thread  ( a walking foot is helpful if you have one)

  1. Decide which fabric will be on the outside of the bag.  Cut the fabric 10" x 10" .  With the reaming outside fabric, cut two 2 inch squares to be used for the prairie points.
  2. Cut the lining fabric 10" x 12"
  3. Lay the lining fabric right side down.  Fold the two long sides to meet at the center and press. Repeat with the outside fabric.

       4. Center the outside fabric on the longer lining fabric with the raw edges together so that the finished sides of both pieces are facing outward --wrong sides together-- There should be about 1" of the longer piece sticking out on both ends.

Fold these ends over the shorter fabric and press.

  5.  Turn down the ends of the bag again to form a band.  Press.  Place the prairie points in the center under       the band , pin in place.  Top stitch  1/8" along the top and bottom edges of both ends of the bag.  Place the metal rulers inside of the bands, curved edge facing towards the outside of the bag.

  6.  Fold bag in half with the outsides together--right side together--stitch , starting at the top.

   7.  Turn bag right sides out and your done!

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