Sunday, January 22, 2012

Receiving Blankets

I like to make receiving blankets for baby gifts.   I often get asked how to make them.  So here are few of my secrets.  
For each blanket you will need:
1 1/4 yards flannel for the front 
1 /14 yards flannel for the back

I always wash them first.  

Put them together right sides out, lining up the selvidges.
 They may not be the same size.
Press both sides.

Then fold in half and use the rotary cutter and trim off edges.
Fold in half the other way and trim it too.
I like rounded corners so I use the scissors to cut off the corner.  
Then I use the corner for a guide to cut off the other corners.
Now you need to finish the edges.  
I use the blanket stitch on my sewing machine.  
When I had a serger, I used it.

If you use this needle, it will make a little hole in the fabric.  
After I use the blanket stitch, with this needle.  I un-thread my machine and put it back on a straight stitch and go around again.  If you were sergering, I would serge, then use this needle in my machine, like I just described.  It works best if you can go around with this needle twice.

This may seem out of place, however, it may the most important step.  This hair color kit comes with a small crochet hook. I have never found another hook with a head this small. This is the hook I use.  

I single crochet around the edge, going in every other hole.  

Then I single crochet all the way around.  It makes a nice base.
You can do anything from here.
I have seen beautiful work done on these blankets. 
Here are a few simple things I like to do.

This is a little bump I like to use for baby boys.  
Single crochet 7 stitches
Chain 3 and bring it through the same stitch.

I like the look of this.  It almost looks like a little ruffle.
Chain 4 and bring through  the next stitch.

This little project makes a great gift.  I only buy flannel when it is half off.  I bought these on Black Friday for $1.69 a yard.  If you do the math, that is under $5 a blanket.  

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