Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hand quilting

 I have been working on the quilt I put together a couple of weeks ago.  If you have never hand quilted before, there is no reason to make it hard.

  • Use a small needle.  The rule is, the smaller the needle; the smaller the stitches.  Use one that you are comfortable with.

  • Make a knot and enter the needle through the top layer of  fabric, about an inch away from where you want to start.  Pull the knot under the fabric and it will be hidden, then bring the needle up where you want to start.


  • Try to rock the needle in and out of the fabric, making 2-3 stitches at a time.  This makes it look more uniform on the back.  

  • When you need to change the thread make a knot using the last stitch you made.  Just put your needle through it and go through the loop you have made. Then take the needle under the top layer of fabric and clip the thread where you bring it out.  

  • If you are quilting and it is awkward. Tie a knot and start at it from another angle.
Remember that you are going to put 100's of stitches in the quilt, so if one is crooked or too big, you may never find it in the finished product.  I love to hand quilt.  I find it relaxing.  Give it a try.

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