Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year's Sewing

I'm not sure how time marches on faster and faster.
It's just not right.

But here we are in a new year.

I was in a museum in December and walked past this.
I really thought it was a painting, until I took a second look.

It is amazing.

I had a busy week before Christmas, 
and the day after, we had a quick trip to California
to visit family,
but I had a nice sewing day on 
New Years Day.

I decided to quilt these two quilts.
I made them a couple of years ago.

I tried using tape to mark these little squares.
It worked very well.

I cut out the binding for this quilt, when I cut out the quilt.
I have been looking at it for a couple of years,
so I think I'll bind this one first.

I have also been working on the snowmen.
The thought of cross-hatching  this square would not go away.
Sew, So, I finally decided to go with it.

Here is hoping that you all have a Happy New Year!  

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