Sunday, March 10, 2013


 I have a 16 year old son who is tall and skinny.
It is so hard to find cloths that fit him.
So I found a white button up shirt at a thrift store for $5--
Did I mention that it was new?
Well he wouldn't wear it, because it was too wide.

So not wanting to waste my excellent find,
I sewed up the sides and the sleeves, to the tune of about 2 inches,
I had a boat load of extra fabric and was wishing I still had my serger.
Instead I found a nice stitch on my machine and just cut off all the excess fabric.
It worked, and he wore it...finally.

Then there is the story of this quilt.
I could not figure out how to put on the last three boarders.
I had to pick out....not my favorite thing to do.
But it worked out in the end.

Then there is the Bunny Hill bom.
I really wanted more color, so I am hoping this will brighten it up.

I am still waiting for spring......
Please come....

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