Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break Quilting Goals

So I am off work this week.  I have some quilting goals.
First: I started this last week.  I am trying to decide what I should use for the watermelon seeds.  I have some felt.  The pattern said to use wool.  But I think if I just used black fabric,  the entire quilt will wash easier and it is a picnic quilt. 
Next:  I want to finish the little flower quilt I did.
Then:  I want to baste at least one more to hand quilt. I will have time and I am hoping that my quilting buddy,            Dixie will help me baste one of the bigger ones.
Finally:  I want to make two bags for two of my students.  They will be simple, and as they say, Beautiful!  
--They are in 2nd grade and learning English.  They are both using the word Beautiful a lot right now.--
I will keep you posted. 

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